Recommended 5 Best Android Business Simulation Games

Best Android Business Simulation Games – For modern society, it may be familiar with the phenomenon of addiction to playing games. Although initially only intended to try but end up as an addict. Now change your mindset to find useful games like android business simulation games.

Indeed, the game was created to entertain smartphone users. However, don’t be tempted by game entertainment, you do it by looking for games that are useful for brain development.

Business simulation games are allegedly effective for honing the brains and abilities of entrepreneurs. Where the game presents a realistic side that teaches the basics of business processing and management. The main purpose of this game is so that players can get a real business experience.

5 Best Android Business Simulation Games

Surely many people are curious about the android business simulation games below. These games usually require players to start a business from scratch and develop it. There are various levels of difficulty and obstacles according to the level being played. Check out the full recommendations as follows.

1. Monopoly

Who doesn’t know the popular Monopoly game since ancient times. Initially it came in the form of a board game but is now available in a smartphone app version. This Monopoly game on smartphones is no less exciting than the board game version.

The rules of the game are exactly the same. Starting from the players negotiating, managing finances, preventing business bankruptcy, and defeating opponents. The uniqueness of the Monopoly game is that it presents a business theme that can be opened if you pay money.

2. Make It Rain: Love Of Money

Make It Rain: Love of Money is a unique android business simulation game because it teaches the basics of managing finances. Judging from how to play it is quite simple, namely swipe an existing sheet of money from a large pile of money.

If there is money that is successfully swiped, it will enter your account. The main objective of this game is to collect as much money as possible. When viewed this game is very simple because players work hard enough to earn money. After that, the income money can be used as an investment.

3. Air Tycoon Online

Air Tycoon Online is a very complex android game. Also supported by a number of features that are used to hone the abilities of the players. In Air Tycoon Online, you will manage an airline.

Starting from the flight routes that can be opened for all cities in the world. The advantage of this game is that it presents the basics of a business that is complete enough to manage an airline. In fact, you will gain technical knowledge of modern aircraft technology.

4. Billionaire

Billionaire is a simple android business simulation game. The main objective of the game is that the player character becomes the richest person in the world who dominates the business sectors. From the start of the game, you will get the initial capital to make business investments. Like selling services and goods.

You can build a lemonade shop, parcel or gift wrap, and sell hot dogs. All of this effort is a form of conversion of capital which is given so that it can be multiplied. Basically the game Billionaire teaches players the basics of running a business from scratch.

5. Trade Hero

Trade Hero is an android business simulation game that presents stock movements according to real-world conditions. Here you will find issuers from popular companies such as Sony, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple.

Trade Hero lets you learn to handle stock game situations with real-world rules. In fact, the increase and decrease in the displayed shares has been updated according to the company’s stock price from the real world.

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