Crazy Bee Slot Review: Features and Bet (Amatic)

Are you looking for the Crazy Bee slot review? Though your idea of a crazed insect may differ from Amatic’s, they did manage to create a cute-looking slot in Crazy Bee. 

It has a more dated look and feel to it than you might expect from a slot gacor machine in 2020, but the cuteness of the tiny critters that appear on the reels is a plus. On the other hand, one of the game’s disadvantages would be the basic features that were chosen, but we’ll get into that later.

A Brief of Crazy Bee Slot Review

Crazy Bee Slot Review
Image Source : Slot Server

Crazy Bee is a 5-reel, 10-line slot with a top jackpot of up to 500x the stake on each line that is fully covered by the Wild Bee, and up to 5,000x for a full screen. 

There are scatters and bonus spins to experience in addition to the wilds, but none of them would be considered exciting to see in a slot machine, as they are found in nearly 90% of all games.

1. Betting Options

Because the Crazy Bee’s 10 active lines are fixed, you can only change the total amount going to them as you see fit. There appears to be a range of $1 to $3,000 available there, though this could be distinct at your Amatic online casino.

In terms of rewards, it appears that the Wild Bee has the most to offer. A single combination of five such symbols can pay out up to 500x the stake, which means it would have to cover the entire line. When all 10 lines are covered by Wild Bees, the stake can be multiplied up to 5,000 times.

2. Slot Features

The wild symbol is a very happy-looking Bee, and we wouldn’t describe this one as crazy. Cute Bee, with its eyeglasses and a smile on its face, would have been a better name for the game. 

Aside from its ability to substitute for any other symbol in a combination, the wild’s own wins will be the highest in the game, paying up to 500x the stake for five symbols of this type on a single line.

There is an additional symbol that can be used to trigger a special feature, and I’m referring to the scatter. The symbol, depicted here as a small bug with a crown on its back, is considered whenever it appears three, four, or five times in view. 

At that point, you can win up to 50 times your stake, which isn’t bad for such a symbol. You’ll also receive 10 free spins, with the option to retrigger the feature after that.

The only difference between the free and paid spins is that when the Beetle symbols appear in the former, they will award mystery prizes.

That’s all there is to the game’s features, and as you can see, there’s nothing particularly unique about them. But that’s how a classic should be, so I’m sure many people will appreciate having something familiar at their disposal.

3. Theme and Design

We’re searching for an insect-themed slot machine, a game that may not have the most original design, but the cuteness of its symbols can’t be denied. 

The style of design used here may appear to be a little dated, but it’s not of poor quality, and the cute insects add a lot to the appeal. The Bee is the wild, a crowned insect is the scatter, together with Snails, Butterflies, and Caterpillars, and the Royals, from 10 to A, are used for the low value icons.

Final Words

We’ll be the first to admit that Crazy Bee isn’t for everyone, and the reason for that is that it contains an incredibly common combination of features. 

There isn’t much to draw attention away from the big prizes; there aren’t any unique features, and the type of design used isn’t going to be anything special.

In the end of Crazy Bee slot review, we’re sure there are plenty of players who enjoy a good classic slot, and Crazy Bee is definitely cute enough and offers large enough top jackpots to entice many.