Crystal Quest Deep Jungle Slot Review: RTP 96.14% (Thunderkick)

You must be curious about the Crystal Quest Deep Jungle slot review, then we will explain it to you here! 

This slot is an exciting new game from Thunderkick, a high-volatility slot machine that will take us deep into the jungle, where we will meet the land’s gods and monsters, with idols and snake-like creatures featured on its reels. 

It’s also a crystal-themed game, with most of the symbols inside being crystals. It’s a game with a lot to offer, and it manages to bring some exciting top prizes your way thanks to its infinite multipliers.

A Brief of Crystal Quest Deep Jungle Slot Review

Crystal Quest: Deep Jungle features 6×4 reels and 4096 ways to win, which should give you a good chance at big payouts if you’re lucky. 

This high-volatility slot machine has a top jackpot of up to 15,000x the stake, with a Return to Player of 96.14%, which is expected. It mentions the bonus game, as well as cascading reels and infinite multipliers, so the size of the top payout shouldn’t come as a surprise.

1. Wagering Options

In a game like this, wagers can be high, with up to $100 available for a single spin. Because it’s so volatile, you can play for as little as $0.10 per spin if you want to.

Crystal Quest: Deep Jungle is one of the more intriguing Thunderkick slots we’ve seen recently, with a top jackpot of up to 15,000x the stake on the line. It has tremendous potential, but this also means that volatility will be high, so there will be plenty of risk to go around.

Despite the high volatility, the RTP is respectable at 96.14%, which is exactly what you want from a slot machine.

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2. Game Features

As you accumulate wins in this game, the Avalanche feature will activate, removing the symbols in question and allowing new ones to enter. There are more avalanches and new symbols to take advantage of if extra wins form. This can go on for a long time.

The infinite multipliers keep going up by 1x whenever you get a new cascade, which will have a big impact on the game’s profitability and potential. 

There is no limit to how high these multipliers can go, hence the name “infinite multiplier,” but there is a limit to how much money you can take home (15,000x the stake). They do reset between paid spins, but only when you’re in free spins mode do they go up.

There are also mystery symbols available. They will transform into a symbol of the same type in all positions they occupy once they appear. This brings a slew of matching symbols into view, giving you a better chance of forming a winning combination on that particular spin.

There will also be a free spins feature with Treasure Chest icons as scatters. To trigger this feature, those symbols must appear three times or more on the reels. The multipliers will be available in this area as well. For a minimum of three scatters, you’ll get 12 spins, plus an extra three rounds for each extra scatter after that.

3. Design and Theme

Crystals will provide you with the majority of the symbols visible on the reels in this charming game with a cartoon-style design. 

These crystals come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, and they’re accompanied by icons of idols, snake monsters, and treasure chests. We liked the design, which should come as no surprise given that this is a Thunderkick slot.

Final Words

In conclusion of Crystal Quest Deep Jungle slot review, it’s a game with good graphics, high volatility, and huge potential, which is exactly what a slot needs to be popular nowadays. 

It combines several features found in daftar coloksgp Megaways slots (infinite multipliers, avalanches during free spins), but they are all contained within a fixed game area.

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