Gambling is Addictive That Make Player Cannot Stop Play

GAMBLING IS ADDICTIVE THAT MAKE PLAYER CANNOT STOP – Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with the largest gambling circulation. Many people who like to gamble ranging from students, teenagers to even adults.

Gambling in Indonesia has been circulating since ancient times from the simplest form, namely cards. But now it is becoming more and more developed with new variations and is increasingly being widely circulated among the public.

Gambling itself has many bad effects or negative effects that will be obtained by the gamblers themselves.

Many people do not know what the negative effects of gambling have, including gambling is addictive. People who actually already know the negative effects caused but choose to ignore the negative effects of this gambling.

This is also one of the reasons for the increasing circulation of gambling in Indonesia.

The negative effects of gambling include gambling that makes you lazy, gambling makes you poor, gambling makes you destroy, gambling brings misery, and many more.

Of course, these negative effects cannot be underestimated for those who gamble.

That gambling is addictive actually is a bad negative effect which is a person will feel to play continuous and it is so difficult for them to stop.

This effect will also be the cause of other negative effects that will be experienced by a gambler such as poverty and health problems.


Gambling currently circulating among the public is divided into 2 types, namely offline gambling and online gambling. Each type of gambling itself has its fans and fans, as well as their respective types. The two types of gambling each have a dealer as the mediator of the game.

Offline gambling is gambling where you have to do it face-to-face, in general, gamblers make associations to be able to do this gambling. And in offline gambling there is a bookie who is useful or serves as an intermediary between the gamblers.

The various types of offline gambling include cockfighting gambling, rummy gambling, dice gambling.

Online gambling is a gambling that is widely circulated at this time compared to offline gambling, this is because online gambling is a gambling that is much easier to carry out compared to offline gambling which has been circulating since ancient times.

Online gambling is the same as offline gambling which has many kinds, including online poker gambling, online soccer gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, online slot  and many more. Example you can check at games 138 site.

Whatever the type of game, gambling always has a bad impact on the players. One must completely stay away from gambling if one does not want to feel the bad effects caused by gambling.

Gambling is addictive where gamblers will do whatever it takes to fulfill their great desire to gamble. Of course, this will be detrimental the gambler, in fact it is not uncommon for someone to be willing to commit criminal acts just to be able to gamble such as robbing, robbing, or even killing someone.

Realizenow  that gambling is addictive. Stop gambling! Plant the intention in your heart to stay away from it. Look for activities that are more useful to fill your spare time. Y

ou can look for a side job which of course will give you additional income which is not even impossible that will change your life in the future for the better.

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