Gold Bricks Slot Review: RTP 94.50% (Rival Gaming)

If you are looking for the Gold Bricks slot review, you will understand it in this article. This game is a contemporary, three-reel slot machine with a traditional design and theme. 

It was released in 2017 by Rival Gaming, and we believe its graphics are superior to those of many of its rivals. To learn how it works in terms of gameplay and payouts, keep reading.

Summary of Gold Bricks Slot Review

We have three active lines that are horizontal to each of the three rows of symbols on three by three-reeled Gold Bricks. The game offers payouts of up to $6,000, but the preference for features seems to be to keep things straightforward, therefore there are simply stacked wilds available.

1. Betting Options

You have complete influence over what’s about to happen in Gold Bricks because there are three places where the bets can be changed. 

The minimum wager required to start a spin is $0.01, and the maximum wager is $45. Up to three coins per line, one to three active lines, and coins worth up to $5 are all allowed. The highest line wager is $15.

When a combination forms while the line in question receives 1, 2, or 3 coins from the wager, the paytable shows what you can win. The finest combination on the slot machine can net you 400, 800, or 1,200 coins, depending on your bet. Such a prize will have a maximum actual value of $6,000 available.

2. Slot Features

With this kind of arrangement, we don’t normally anticipate many features from a slot machine. Even though the one aspect this game offers seems unusual for a game of its kind, my expectations haven’t been met by it either.

Regarding the actual feature employed in Gold Bricks, it has the appearance of a very tall stack of actual gold bars. When all of these gold bars are visible, you may find that the entire set of reels is covered in wild symbols since they land stacked on the reels. 

There are numerous advantages to anything like this taking place. For starters, it will be simpler to build a combination because a wild will act as a stand-in if the other two positions on the line contain matching symbols.

Second, these wild symbols have the potential to join forces with other wilds to generate winning combinations, but three of them must appear on a single payline for that to occur. The jackpot for the game comes from this combination of symbols, so if that does occur, the prize might be rather substantial.

3. Theme and Design

The classic theme, which entails using symbols that have been popular for more than 100 years, was combined with a concentration on gold, as the title suggests, to create the theme for Gold Bricks. 

The most significant symbol in the slot machine is an unusual one with a large stack of gold bars shown in it. Additionally, there are three different kinds of 7s (one each in blue, gold, and orange), three gold bars bearing the Bar logo, and the fruits cherries, plums, and melon.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of X33 about Gold Bricks slot review, the game given its respectable average RTP and respectable visuals, we believe this game has a fair chance of competing with other 3 reel slots currently available.