Guide to Playing Qiu Qiu Domino Game

All friends are certainly no stranger to the term Qiu Qiu online gambling. Online gambling games are a very exciting form of entertainment and require small capital. In addition to getting fun and fast adrenaline, all of your friends can also get a lot of money.

 Of course, there are many types of online gambling games. Some of them are divided into card gambling games, dominoes, slots and others. However, there are games that are very popular with hundreds of thousands of people in Indonesia. Qiu Qiu games have also been widely and often played. This is why Qiu Qiu ranks high in PKV games. Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know how to play Qiu Qiu. We’re going to talk a little bit about that today. You can register yourself at domino99 pkv for the best quality games.

Before friends played PKV games like Qiu Qiu. Make sure you have registered an account first. Creating a new account will give you all the many benefits when playing online gambling. A PKV games account is also free to create. This is why friends must register immediately. After registering, don’t forget to deposit the balance into your account. Because you will not be able to bet and play without a balance. Friends will also receive a special bonus from us. Our PKV games site will provide tens of percent deposit bonuses when friends have just joined. Use this opportunity to increase your balance and play more PKV games.

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How to Play Qiu Qiu

Qiu Qiu is a game that uses dominoes to play. When playing online gambling PKV games Qiu Qiu, friends will play with a maximum of 6 other people. All players will receive 4 cards while playing. The card will also be distributed by the dealer. 

Each domino will have 2 sides, namely the top side and the bottom side. A set of dominoes also contains 28 cards that have different values. Each card will be divided into two and there will be a line in the middle. All the number of points on the card will show the value of the card that friends have.

So if the total point is 1 on the top side and 4 on the bottom side, the total value will be 5. This all must be memorized and remembered to make it easier for all of your friends when playing online gambling PKV games. One way that can make it easier for friends to memorize the value of the card is to group the cards. In total, there will be 7 types of cards from 0 to 6.


Feel free to try this game at our recommended gambling site. You can make heaps of money without having to risk a lot. Take smaller risk and more rewards playing in qiu qiu. Players are guaranteed to get lots of profit after playing just 1 hour of qiu qiu online. 


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