Jewel of The Dragon Slot Review: Medium Volatile RTP 94.07%

Are you searching for the Jewel of The Dragon slot review? This game will display riches in the background and in the playing area, ostensibly to capitalize on the dragon’s well-known propensity to treasure-hoarding. 

It can look like a somewhat attractive release at times, although it isn’t the best slot game around. Bally is the company that worked on it and chose to turn it into a Mega Drop game.

Summary of Jewel of The Dragon Slot Review

There will be 5×4 reels and 40 active lines in Jewel of the Dragon. It’s an online slot that can payout up to $200,000 in a single spin, with progressive jackpots, and a variety of decent features. 

Hot Zones, various wild symbols, free spins, and Dragon Nudges are all possible methods to win money. It’s also a slot game with low to medium volatility, with an RTP of up to 96.07%.

1. Wagering Options

Jewel of the Dragon wagers will start as little as $0.10 each spin and can go as high as $400 per spin. On each of its lines, bets of up to $10 should be possible.

Jewel of The Dragon Slot Review

This game can be linked to the Mega Drop progressive jackpot, which is one way to obtain a good return on your money. The game’s own regular combinations, which include wild symbols, are an alternative, although they only pay 2.5x the stake on every line, for a total of 100x.

As you can see, the game’s potential is limited, hence it has to be linked to a progressive jackpot network. The RTP is also very low without it, at 94.07%, so if you don’t receive the option for a progressive prize, you should skip it or hunt for another version.

2. Slot Features

Jewel of the Dragon offers a diverse range of possibilities, including numerous varieties of wilds, among other things. 

We’d bring up the Hot Zone because it’s a feature that you don’t see very often in slot machines. In this scenario, there are wild symbols that travel in groups and glide over the reels, stopping occasionally to act as replacements in all locations covered.

Dragon Nudges will also be present in the game, with the beast placing Hot Zones close outside the reels.

Wilds can be used in a variety of ways to help you win, but they can also form their own combos when they cover up to five spaces on a line. You can get bonus wilds and wild diamonds in addition to the usual wild symbols.

You can enter the Drop Zone Bonus by using wild diamonds and diamond symbols. You choose a diamond, and a form is created, which is then added to the game area with wilds.

There are also 8 free spins available here, in which you can receive sticky wilds, but none of the other bonus features are present.

3. Theme and Design

The slot may have a dragon/fantasy theme and plenty of goodies to look forward to, but the aesthetics aren’t the best. 

It’s a classic Bally slot, with logos, royals, and classic symbols dominating the reels. The one dragon you receive isn’t particularly attractive, going more toward cute than dangerous.

Final Results

If you value unique characteristics, the Jewel of The Dragon slot review appears to be a good choice, and if a progressive jackpot is offered, it may be an acceptable alternative for some players. Visit our Result SGP site for more games.