Top Poker Moments from the World Series of Poker in 2021

The 2021 World Season of Poker (WSOP) has come to an end after seven exciting and exhilarating weeks, which means it’s time to reflect on the top moments from the whole series.

The conclusion of the WSOP in 2021 also marks the end of an era in poker. The series will go to Bally’s and Paris on the Las Vegas Strip next year. The poker spectacular has been held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino for 17 years, but it’s time for a change.

Here are the top poker moments from the World Series of Poker in 2021. Check this out!

Poker Moments from the World Series of Poker 

1. Hellmuth takes home his 16th Bracelet

One of the best poker moments from the World Series of Poker is Phil Hellmuth didn’t win the WSOP Player of the Year award, but he did have one of the best series in poker history. By shipping, the 1989 world champion increased his personal record to 16 bracelets. 1,500 USD No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw, and he came close to winning a few additional events this autumn.

The “Poker Brat” concluded the series with a total of seven final table appearances, including two second-place results. The WSOP’s G.O.A.T. definitely still has it at the age of 57.

2. The Main Event’s Epic Final Hand

At the conclusion of the year’s greatest event, one of the most thrilling moments of the poker moments from the World Series of Poker. The last hand played between George Holmes and the champion, Koray Aldemir, was one of the most spectacular hands of the 2021 WSOP Main Event. 

Aldemir, holding, had a difficult decision on the river with the board reading on the 223rd hand of the final table. With, Holmes went all-in for 133 million dollars. The tournament would be finished if Aldemir phoned. If he folded, Holmes would have a chip advantage of roughly 2-1. 

After a few minutes of tanking, Aldemir made the decision, shipped the pot, and took home the 8 million USD jackpot along with the coveted gold bracelet. The PokerGO commentators, as well as many on social media, questioned Holmes’ shove on the river. 

Although his hand was good (top pair, queen kicker), it was unlikely to beat a call. As a result, many spectators chastised him for jamming instead of checking behind or placing a lower wager.

3. In two events on the same day, Negreanu finishes third

Daniel Negreanu hasn’t won a bracelet in eight years. This past week, the Poker Hall of Famer had two near calls in a 17-hour period, but both times he fell up short of winning his seventh bracelet.

He finished third in Event #84: Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, behind Hellmuth and Jeremy Ausmus, and then late registered at midday for Event #85: 50,000 USD High Roller, where he also busted in third place that evening.

4. In the main event, a philanthropist is playing for charity

Philanthropist player is one of the interesting poker moments from the World Series of Poker,  Dragana Lim was a novice poker player when she joined WSOP Main Event. But she rapidly became one of the finest tales of the year. Not only was she the last woman remaining – 64th place for 95,700 USD but she was also the final woman standing. 

She also made waves by pledging to donate her money to an animal charity. Lim and her husband are young retirees who desire to help others. This includes establishing their own animal foundation in their hometown of Las Vegas. Every bit of her Main Event winnings, as well as money they already had set up, will be utilized to pay those goals.

5. A poker player from Pittsburgh is bringing his “dirty diaper” to the WSOP

During the 2021 WSOP Main Event what is the favourite poker moments from the World Series of Poker, Nicholas Rigby had the loudest rail. He was also one of the field’s most entertaining players. We’ll never forget how the Pittsburgh native brought a game he plays at home called “Dirty Diaper” to a global poker audience.

The game is played similarly to the 7-2 game, in which every player at the table must pay a reward to anyone who wins a hand with 7-2, only Rigby’s game is played with 3-2. In a tournament, you can’t play ridiculous games like that, but it didn’t stop him from three-betting and calling massive bets with 3-2 on the largest stage in poker. 

6. Brunson, Doyle Returns for One Last Ride (Perhaps)

Doyle Brunson makes one of the poker moments from the World Series of Poker. It startled the Rio audience on Halloween when he entered and promptly fled Event #58: 1,000 USD Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em at the age of 88, three years after his previous WSOP participation.

After that, the 10-time bracelet winner returned to the Main Event, where he made it to Day 2 of the tournament. We don’t know if he’ll ever play again in the WSOP. But, if this was the poker legend’s final World Series of Poker appearance, it was great to see him fight once more.

7. Surprising Player of the Year: Arieh

Most people thought that the WSOP Player of the Year contest would come down to the usual suspects Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb, and a few others at the start of the season. What is the epic poker moments from the World Series of Poker. 

Instead, Josh Arieh and Phil Hellmuth were the two front-runners for the most of the series. Arieh, who won two bracelets and made a bunch of deep runs, proved unstoppable in the end. 

8. The Poker Community Comes Together to Support a Terminally Ill Player

Don’t let anyone convince you that poker players aren’t charitable. When Alabama poker player Michael Graydon asked for supporters for the Main Event, he discovered this. He announced on poker Twitter that he is dying of brain cancer, and players rushed to assist him secure a seat in the world championship tournament.

What is the kindess story at poker moments from the World Series of Poker? The kindness didn’t end there. MJ Gonzales and Jonathan Depa decided to cover the entirety of his 10,000 USD buy-in and let him retain his winnings. 

He didn’t win, but it was a remarkable experience for him. Maria Ho stepped forward to cover his vacation to Las Vegas on top of the staking agreement. Following his bust-out from the Main Event, PokerNews spoke with the appreciative daftar pkv poker player about his experience. / Dy


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