How To Choose a Poker Training Site

Online poker training sites have exploded over the last few years, and I suppose are for many people the draw to going to a training site rather than a real live game like seputargol site. Most of the training sites offer freerolls, while many others offer a take on $10/$20 no-limit games. Keeping in mind poker training sites’ HUGE membership base, it’s easy to see why some are using an online poker training site to further their education, as well as offer first-hand poker training to others who may be interested in the game.

But, how do we find the best training sites, and what do we look for in a training site…

How To Choose a Poker Training Site

How To Choose a Poker Training Site
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Clients of poker training sites want to find the training that is closest to the game, and where they can learn the theories and strategies of the greatest poker players. A site that offers expert-level training is preferable, although even a mediocre training site can offer some value if you’re looking for additional practice material.

What does the poker training site look like?

You’ll generally find the most information on the front page of the site, with tutorials and practice tables. Most poker training sites offer additional reading material, usually at no cost to you. A few sites offer interesting articles that focus on particular poker games, but not many.

In general, the front page of a poker training site should include a list of the poker learning resources available, with an explanation of why each is recommended. The site will almost certainly have a forum where individuals can routinely post questions and answer them. This is excellent for catching grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as discussing strategy and explaining the theory behind what you’re reading.


The training itself

Nearly all poker training sites offer poker training videos, although whether they’re videos or slide decks depends on the site. Video training is excellent, as you can watch the action play out in front of you, and then after you’ve moved out of the sequence (you’ve played enough hands, etc), you can re-play the hands and watch the moves again.

Some sites offer limited video, while others offer multi-level video (you can watch the first level, then move up to the next level). A few offer videos in both formats.

You will generally find a handful of training videos on any given site. It’s not uncommon to see at least five training videos on any given site.

There are two types of training video available: introduction videos and system videos. Introduction videos list the poker concepts that are being introduced. System videos introduce the poker system. These are usually longer, and more comprehensive than non-system videos.

You can Rarely find a site that offers all three types of training, so it’s important to specialize and find the best available. If you specialize, you can find the cost-effective resources, and get as much training as you can for your buck.

What to look for in a poker training site

Expert level players are very interested in learning new concepts and strategies in order to improve their game. If you’re an expert, you can offer yourself training in strategy and theory, and potentially offer your services as a coach for other players.

Each site offers a different mix of products. Some focus exclusively on tournaments, and some on a single table and heads-up play. Some sites offer a mix of live games and tournaments, and others focus exclusively on live play. Whatever the focus of your site, most experts agree that a good poker training site offers hands-on advice and technique, in a format that’s easy to understand and apply.

The most important element of your site is the content. You will want to know the theory behind the strategy, the theory behind hands and variable strategies, and the theory behind playing and playing well. For example this site includes about texas holdem poker strategy.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to diversify. With some dedicated efforts, you can earn back a portion of your yearly bonus systematically.12 Take advantage of double and triple bonuses offered by many poker training sites, especially when they’re available to both new and existing players.