Slot Paytable: Definition, How to Read, and How to Works

Slot machines can be rather confusing to a newbie. They all have their own set of rules and symbols, as well as bonuses and rewards. And all of this information could be overwhelming for someone who is just getting started with video slots.

Fortunately, developers considered this and included a slot paytable in each of their games. We’ll look at the paytables for slot machines in this article and learn why they’re so essential.

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What Is A Paytable For A Slot Machine?

Your screen will be loaded with colorful symbols and buttons when you first open a slot, whether it’s a basic one or a more sophisticated 3D slot. You might be confused at first. 

What exactly do all of these buttons function? What are the meanings of these symbols? All of these questions can be answered by looking at the paytables for slot machines.

A paytable for a slot machine is a part that explains the machine’s buttons, functions, and symbols. This area is usually accessed by pressing a button on the main screen. 

This button will be a little I or a “?” depending on the developers. Some slots divide this section into two parts: one that explains the mechanics and another that shows off the symbols.

You may also go to this section if you’re playing mobile slots by swiping left or right on your device. Some developers included a dropdown menu with the paytable for slot machines. You can get the best by playing on daftar judi slot online.

What Does A Slot Paytable Mean?

A slot machine’s paytable will assist you in learning the game. You should also take a look at this useful section for further information. First and foremost, you will determine which symbols are high earning and which are low paying. 

You’ll learn whether the slot has a progressive jackpot, whether it includes Free Spins, and whether it has any additional special features.

The paylines are something else that a paytable slot machine will explain. When it comes to payment trends, each slot is unique. Before you bet, we urge that you take a look at those. Because learning the mechanics increases your chances of winning.

You should also check the paytables for slot machines to learn about the game’s RTP and volatility. These are possibly the most important considerations when selecting a position. 

The RTP decides how much money you’ll win, whereas the volatility dictates how often you’ll win. If you don’t like to wait long for good wins, a low-volatility slot might be for you. You’ll only know this if you look at the paytable.

How Do I Read a Paytable in a Slot Machine?

After you find out how the slot operates, you will see a paytable on the glass of the machine on order styled classic slots, which you will still find plenty of, as well as on three reel slots and fruit machines. 

When you come across video slots, for example, you will notice there is a slot paytable button somewhere on those ever popular slot machines that will need to be clicked.

When you do so, you’ll be able to see every single winning combination that can be formed on each specific slot machine, as well as what bonus games and bonus features are associated with that slot machine.

Remember that the RTP of each slot machine may be stated on the paytable, but as you’ll see below, the predicted RTP is on any slot machine that you like the appearance of and are considering playing. It’s possible that it’ll be found somewhere else instead.

  1. Slot Machines With Low Risk

Low volatility is a type of slot machine that was created with a low risk factor in mind.

What this indicates is that low volatility slot machines are constructed and structured in such a manner that when you play them, you’ll have a lot of winning combinations spinning in extremely frequently, but they’ll all be very low paying.

As a result, if you see a slot machine with a paytable full of low-value winning combinations and a low-value jackpot, there’s a strong probability it’s a low-variance, low-risk game to play.

  1. Finding the RTP of Slot Machines

Each slot machine you encounter in a land-based casino, online casino, or mobile casino or mobile slot app is unique in terms of design and theme and every one of them has a slot paytable.

However, one aspect of each slot that is certain to change is its pay-out percentage, and you should always check to see if any slot machines you like the appearance of and may be about to play have a high, low, or even a mid-ranged RTP.

I recommend playing slots with pay-out percentages of 97 percent or greater, since you should obtain a big part of your total stake money back as winning pay-outs over time.

If you can’t find the RTP of any slot machine on the paytable, check the attached help files when playing online or on a mobile casino site, as that’s where you’ll find it, or check the casino’s website, as the operators of those casinos sometimes list all slot machine RTP’s on their websites instead.

  1. Paytables for High-Variance Slot Games

When it comes to slot machines, you may want to throw caution to the wind, and if you are willing to take a few chances, go for high volatility slots, as you will always have a possibility of winning large.

However, if and/or when you do decide to play those high-risk slots, you will notice that there aren’t many low-value winning combinations appearing on the pay lines on a regular basis.

Many high variance slots, as you will discover when reading through their respective paytables, will have some potentially huge paying bonus games, such as free spins feature rounds on which high value multipliers can boost the value of any winning pay-outs achieved and spun in, and many high variance slots.

Final Thoughts On The Paytable For Slots

Finally, before you play anything, we strongly advise you to check the slot paytable. You’ll learn everything there is to know about your favorite slot machine, and knowing the rules will make it much easier to win. Have you started to become excited yet?

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Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Crazy Farm Race, Dubya Fruit Machine, and Bees Buzz slot machines if you like themed slot games.


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