Why Your Poker Journey Feel Stuck? Find an Answer from Doug Polk

Do you have the impression that your enthusiasm for the sport keeps you playing, but that it is ultimately futile? Why your poker journey feel stuck? You are not alone in this case. Let’s back to 2007, before his internet success and WSOP bracelets, Doug Polk felt the same way about his poker experience. 

Doug Polk Poker Journey

Doug Polk posted on TwoPlusTwo in desperate need of assistance.:

doug 2p2 post poker career journey

Why your poker journey feel stuck ? In case, feeling stuck is an issue that many aspiring poker players face, and how you deal with it may make or break your poker career.

Doug opted to rededicate himself to the game he loved for the following 10 years. His increased dedication to progress aided him in rising up the ranks and become one of the most accomplished players in the game today. This post was a watershed moment in his journey for him.

How to Change your Poker Career to Better Place

Every player is questioning how can you change their poker career? They are also consider about why your poker journey feel stuck, to get the right answer you should learn here. Check this out!

1. Work every day to improve your skill

You should continuously be looking for new methods to better your game. I have known a few players who were so confident in their abilities that they stopped studying poker strategy entirely. They reasoned that it was simply a question of pounding out the volume until the winnings arrived.

Why your poker journey feel stuck ? Maybe because of your wrong way of thinking. Poker is not a solved game and it is not even computers that have to figured out entirely. There is no player on the planet who has genuinely studied everything there is to know how to counting cards Texas Hold em.

Even when they have achieved success, the finest players in the world display a tremendous drive to learn.

2. Apply money management seriously

In a game where you have to spend money to make money, losing your whole bankroll is a total disaster. When it comes to money management, it is critical that you remain responsible and prudent.

Why your poker journey feel stuck? Remember poker is a game of unpredictability, you should play at stakes where your money and emotions can withstand the fluctuations. Specifically:

  • Cash game participants should have about 50 buy-ins for their preferred game.
  • Tournament participants should have 250–500 times their average buy-in.

These are estimations, the appropriate bankroll varies depending on the game you are playing. The more buy-ins you need, the bigger the volatility of your selected game.

3. Stay away from the table, put in a lot of effort

To reach the top of the poker world, you must put in a lot of effort. This entails playing, researching, watching, discussing, living, and breathing poker for the genuinely dedicated. These are the methods Doug devoted himself to achieving his goals, and you must do the same if you want to have a future in this game.

Why your poker journey feel stuck? You may give your focus on the table. But, the best way is surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals is an excellent approach to grow and to help others improve.

If you play live poker, become friends with some of the other players. Talk about hands and bounce ideas off each other, but do it away from the table so your opponents don’t hear!

If you play online, try joining a study group with player from similar skill levels. Doug swears by Skype study groups, he credits for many of his poker insights.

Almost everyone likes gambling than studying, yet doing the latter will make the former much more profitable and fun.

4. Maintain a positive attitude

Downswings can feel interminable. Weeks may develop into months, and months might turn into years. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to book a win.

Why your poker journey feel stuck? You may do the wrong step when surviving in this game. So, if you want to survive at poker, you must learn to categorize these downswings. When a huge losing session weighs heavily on your mind, it is considerably more difficult to play your best poker.

5. Focus on one game type

It is tempting for a tournament player to go into a high stakes cash game to attempt to get unstuck, just as it is tempting for a cash game player to fire up a lot of tournaments on Sunday. This is good if you are a skilled and confident player. Why your poker journey feel stuck? Don’t say you are weak player that must remain laser-focused on their preferred game style.

Most high-stakes poker players specialize on a particular game type. Consider the following players, all of whom have been regarded as the finest in their respective game types:

  • Doug Polk: I’m concentrating on heads-up. Eventually, not a single player on the planet would be able to stand up to him.
  • Phil Hellmuth: Plays nearly entirely in the World Series of Poker and comparable made-for-television tournaments. His outcomes speak for themselves. Maybe poker is really boring, and you need something different like slot gacor.

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